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We are Bridge builders - between the world we live in and the more beautiful world we know is possible. 


Soul Sister Enterprises LLC is giving birth to the Farm Fund is a first of it’s kind – a Land Capital investment fund,  Community Crowd Equity Platform and membership program for Land Based Community enterprises, and the community that invests in them. Locally based in Sonoma County, we are creating an investment fund and membership program that connects investors seeding the land based community enterprises, together creating new models for regenerative wealth and sustainable impact.

We are a taking a revolutionary approach to impact investment through our hybrid, land capital fund, online platform & membership program for community based enterprises.

We are driven by a passion to heal and restore the earth, to create community and to transform the relationship we have to money.  We believe the key to building this world is investing in the Land and the Community bodies who are culture builders, dreamers, visionaries changing the world of investing for all.

ETHICAL Principles – The Foundation for Seeding the Future

Work towards decentralized land based self sufficiency in water, food and energy, thus providing the scarcity free material base for a new culture.

Give equal attention to the inner and outer peace work.  It is seldom that projects fail due to external pressure alone. Egoistic structures like struggles for power & attention, fear,  jealousy & envy need to be addressed and transformed for the healing of our monetary systems to be transformed from structures of separation to systems of connection and trust.

Accept & address love & money as aspects of the dominant culture which are in need of healing. These issue must be released from the domain of privacy and brought into public discourse for the healing and learning of all.

Support a spiritual value in the practices of investing which places the sacredness of all life at the center of all that we do, give and invest in.

Create an economy based on reciprocity, community sharing and giving. One in which economy & ecology are restored to their right relationship, with economy serving the ecology.

General Company Description

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and seed investments in Land based Community Enterprises and give them the tools, training and support to grow a more beautiful world. We do this through a Land Capital fund, Online community platform and  membership program, providing financial support community training and expert advisor support. We are Bridge builders – between the world we live in and the more beautiful world we know is possible. We build community, create capital and invest in Land based Community based enterprises who are creating the next generation of impact, beyond sustainable business. We invest in Land, Community and Enterprises build with Love, in places where community is being created and people are restoring the environment in a whole system model.


“When we must pay the true price for the depletion of nature’s gifts, materials will become more precious to us, and economic logic will reinforce, and not contradict, our heart’s desire to treat the world with reverence and, when we receive nature’s gifts, to use them well.”
— Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

What We've Worked on

We are paving the way for women & communities to build new dreams 

  • Morton's Warm Springs: 20 Acre Land/Water Community project with active Business model 
  • Penngrove Market: Two women with a dream to create a Community Market 
  • Liberation Spring: Grass Roots community education 
  • Non-profit & Pro-Bono Financial Advice for Women, Non-profit Organizations, Businesses and Family Wealth 
  • Collaborations with progressive financial partners & business mentors 

More to Come....

  • The Farm Fund: Venture Capital Seed fund for Land Investment 
  • Community Reinvestment fund for Micro Enterprises and Collaboration
  • Women's Business Leadership Program
  • Community Financial Liberation program