It all started when...

I became a midwife of sorts, to the birth of other people's dreams. At the same time I was birthing my own dream, which is part of a shared and collective vision for more beautiful world to raise our children, to live in and to be our most powerfully creative selves.

In the years I have worked in the financial industry I've learned the practical bones of investing and financial planning and have used them to help hundreds of clients and manage millions of dollars over the past 15 years. That Journey left me with a longing to be in service to a larger collective shift that is happening around money and our relationship to love, work, and home. I left my promising career with the dream to build something, not quite clear what it was, only a sense of much of what was missing from the world financial planning and investing.


From the question of what am I here to give birth to? emerged Soul Sister Enterprises and the The Farm fund. We are creating a platform providing people and communities with the tools, resources and capital they need to build a thriving enterprise, and life for their world and their community.

In this process of discovery I have worked with many people and communities in their seed stages of creating and building businesses and places, where people can come together to live in community, in harmony and connection to nature. I love this process and the work of their souls. I am convinced this is my work and the path to creating a  more beautiful world.

By investing in these seed stage organizations and nurturing them through their process of discovering- how to gather capital, how to build community and how to create an enterprise that has a meaningful impact, creating a new culture, in both social and environmental arenas, we can bring about the change in the world that is needed most right now.

By understanding our financial lives and creating the alignment to our truest values then moving money toward those values, as a tool rather than a block, to connection we can build lasting structures that will stand the test of time. This is our challenge.

We are at a turning point in our culture, where a great shift towards the sacred is forcing us to change our relationship to money. I believe that shift when harnessed and placed into the heart of communities, has the power to transform the entire world. Today are creating more and more businesses and enterprises that build community, love and trust. We are awakening to the changes in our relationship to money and our capacity to work differently with one another.

Soul Sister Enterprises is on a mission to grow a movement of investment and creation that will build a more beautiful world for all of us. While no one is excluded from this movement, we believe the seed lies in investing in land based community enterprises. By directing capital, investing in learning and understanding, supporting the growth of these thriving seedlings, we are becoming the midwives to a new world.  

May we be the ones to build this world, together in LOVE and Trust with our true selves emerging thru the birth of the New World.